The Path Toward Dusk

February 27, 2011

The last thing you remember is laying down for a much needed rest in the Whitehurst mines. Now you find yourself back in Whitehurst, though it doesn’t seem quite like the town you remember. The sun here seems much dimmer than usual – though there are no clouds in the sky, it almost feels as if it were further away, and its light doesn’t have the power you remember. The air is colder, and everything is dim, though still well illuminated enough to see your surroundings clearly.

Additionally, the ground seems…less than solid. As you pick up your feet to move, the ground doesn’t seem to want to let go. It consists of a very thick, very black mud. Slogging through the mud definitely takes more time and energy than walking on normal ground.

In the distance, you see whitehurst lake. Because of the dim sunlight, you can’t really tell what is different, but its color seems…darker, in a way.

You hear a soft groaning coming from the town – it sounds like someone who is very sick, or in quite a bit of pain.

While exploring the town, you cleared it out of the Duergars, darkmantles, and zombies that were lurking in the shadows. Ending up at the shore of Whitehurst lake, you battled Framarth, the Duergar Thurge and servant of the Rotvine Defiler. After her defeat, the Defiler made his presence known, and his unfathomable power felt. Barely escaping his grasp, you made it back to the entrance of the mine. After once more venturing into the underground, you find yourselves where sleep had left you – deep within the mine. Everything seemed to be back to normal, and you were strengthened with the experience and items acquired from the cleansing of Whitehurst. Now you can continue on your adventure, at least until the next time the defiler pays you a visit..

January 30, 2011 Session

You’re alive. Awake. Like a dream, you seem to know more than you actually know. The group of people you’re obviously a part of looks familiar but not because you’ve seen them before. You know their names, but not because they’ve told them to you. Here you stand; Ghormax, Wil, Salvador, Corrin, Dorian, and Thom. Your association to each other is known, but without definition. You are in a small town. There’s something strange and after a few moments, it occurs to you that there are no children in the streets. There are no women walking around. The only 2 buildings that appear to be in business are a small general store and a tavern. You know this town to be Whitehurst, although you’ve never been here: another detail from who-knows-where. The past is…hazy to say the least.

The adventurers met several townspeople and have decided to head into the nearby mines to clean out the insect horde that seems to have taken over. There is evidence of gnolls all around the area as well, but they have not been encountered. Yet.


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